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Friday, 25 November 2011

50 New cars for 2012

What’s coming in the next few months? The most common question asked of at Autocar India. We get a huge number of mails everyday from readers wanting to know what’s coming in the near and not-too-distant future, and that’s understandable. In our ever-changing market, you really need to be on top of model upgrades and new car launches, especially if you are about to sign a considerable amount of your savings on an all-new car.
The last thing you want is to see a new and superior model out on the roads, soon after you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a car that could be quickly outdated. So, to keep you in the loop, straight from our confidential files, an almost complete list of new cars manufacturers are planning to put on sale in India in 2012. We’re going to be previewing two a day, so stay connected!
Audi A4 face-lift
The A4 will get a slight nip and tuck by end-2011. Expect A6-like tapering headlights, LED tail-lamps and restyled bumpers as also a new MMI multimedia interface. The engines should be carried over from the current car though the range-topping 3.2-litre FSI could be replaced by the A6’s smashing supercharged 3-litre V6 TFSI engine.
Engines: 1.8-litre petrol, 2-litre petrol,
2-litre diesel, 3-litre diesel
Power/Torque: 160bhp/25.5kgm,
Kerb weight: 1610kg
L/W/H: 4703/1826/1427mm
Expected: November 2011
Price: Rs 30-38 lakh
Audi Q3
It may look like a shrunken Q5, but Audi’s latest mini-SUV has a distinct personality of its own. When launched in mid-2012, the Q3 will be the most affordable Audi in India. However, there is nothing cheap about the Q3’s quality which is comparable to Audi’s line-up of saloons and larger SUVs. There is reasonable space for four adults inside while Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system should also ensure you can get a bit adventurous on weekend excursions. In India, the entry level, front-wheel-drive Q3 will be sold with a 176bhp, 2-litre turbo diesel which will form the majority of its sales. However, Audi will first launch the Q3 with four-wheel-drive or the Quattro system. A 211bhp 2-litre TFSI turbo-petrol engine will also be a part of the model mix. Prices are likely to start at Rs 25 lakh. We can’t wait!    
Engines: 2-litre turbo-petrol, 
2-litre diesel
Power/Torque: 211bhp/30kgm,
176bhp 38.7kgm
Kerb weight: 1565-1585kg
L/W/H: 4385/1831/1590mm
Expected: Mid-2012
Price: Rs 25-35 lakh
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