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Monday, 14 November 2011

Suzuki reveals Swift EV Hybrid concept

Suzuki has released details and pictures of a new concept, this time a variant of the Swift, called the Swift EV Hybrid concept.
As the name suggests, this concept is powered by an additional battery that helps extend its overall range, a set-up similar to the Chevrolet Volt. While in motion, it is powered first by an electric motor and backed up by a small range-extending petrol engine. On battery power alone, the car has a 30km operating range.
No specific details have been mentioned, but it shouldn’t stray too far from the Swift Plug-In concept that was shown at the 2009 edition of the Tokyo Motor Show. The 2009 concept was based on the previous-generation Swift and featured a 658cc mill, offering 54bhp, working in tandem with a 74bhp electric motor, powered by lithium-ion batteries. Back then the series hybrid system offered around 20km of pure electric mode driving as compared to a 30km range for the 2011 concept.
In terms of looks, the Swift EV hybrid looks similar to the conventional version but features visual tweaks such as LED headlamps and tail lamps, a covered grille and wheels, modified interior that is white and green in shade and also features two large digital screens. The 2011 Swift EV Hybrid concept will be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show. 
According to Suzuki, the Swift EV Hybrid is strictly a concept, although there are reports in the Japanese media that suggest that the hybridised electric hatch could go on sale sometime in 2013.

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